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The Importance of Data Backup

13th October, 2016 | by admin

Despite our colleagues and bosses consistently drumming into us that we need to backup our data, few take it seriously.

Firstly, backing up all our files seems like an enormous task and something for a day less busy.

Troubled man with smoking laptop computerThe harsh punishment comes when disaster strikes and all those critical files are lost. You may think it is a ‘never happen to me’ situation but the statistics say otherwise.

When over 1,000 employees were surveyed in 2011, it found that there were fundamental gaps in their back-up and storage systems. Even though 70 percent of interviewees claimed to have completed some data back-up, almost half said they still had their data lost or deleted at some point. This type of startling disparity suggests that many don’t understand the extent of the storage they have to undertake, or that their current techniques aren’t sufficient.

Take the next minute to think of some of your most important files you have and how you could operate without them.

Think all your emails (sent and received), files on clients, customer research and surveys, accounts payable and receivable, long-term strategies and plans.

Think about losing them in a split second and how you could function.

Everything: gone.

If the thought of that has you feeling slightly queasy, then be reassured there are measurements you have in place to protect you, your intellectual property, and the success of the business.

one computer server with a cloud shape, concept of remote data storage (3d render)It all begins with a backup and disaster recovery system, which can be implemented by AUS-IT. The system is a necessary element of the cloud services, which provides a cost-effective offsite backup of all your data.

Importantly, recovery systems don’t have a one-size fits all solution. For every business, the strategy will have to be specifically designed to reflect the direct needs and requirements to ensure recovery is as smooth as possible. 

Your next question should be, how does it start? 

At AUS-IT, we begin every plan with a meeting. This step is crucial to developing a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of the business. We ask, as an example, if you lost all the logins to your relevant sites, how would this impact the business? Will it be priority one to recover those or do you have preliminary strategies in place?

importance of backing up dataThe next consideration is a more intrinsic understanding of all the applications or operating systems within your organisation, and their order of importance. If all your systems and files were lost, what would be the first set of files or applications to be recovered? And even though we pride ourselves on working effectively and efficiently, no one can guarantee to hit a button and everything lost instantaneously is recovered. So, discussions will take place on the maximum time a system can be down to ensure there is realistic time frames and expectations implemented.

Following that, consultations will occur to finalise the recovery of systems so it occurs in a logical way for you and your business. The recovery plan will be designed to mitigate the damage of the disaster, for example, it makes sense to restore email in most businesses before file data.

These solutions and objectives are all developed so they can be achieved within your budget.

back up data onlineNotably, these strategies implemented by AUS-IT are beneficial for all types of disaster that can hit a business, including true disasters like fire, flood, or theft. Of course, most businesses are far more likely to fall victim to server failure, power outage, and virus or database corruption.

Whatever the disaster is, your data and applications are securely backed up on data centre hosted storage platforms. The process is completely automated for you – so you don’t have to be concerned about a thing – and the backup is completely daily.

If you are still left unsure about whether having a recovery system is really necessary or worth the immediate cost, don’t let yourself risk it. Don’t put your business and all its intellectual property at risk simply because disaster striking seems like an improbable event.

Get in touch with AUS-IT today to talk more about how we can specifically design a cloud-based disaster recovery system for you. With just a few meetings, we can absolve your business or any worries about lost data and ensure you are on track for IT security.


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