• Protecting your internet against hacks should be your first priority this year.

    24th January, 2017 | by admin
    virtual private network - IT solutions brisbane

    It is certainly not surprising to know the internet is the source of the most security threats. Even though it is one of the most common services individuals use every minute of the day, it is also where our data is most vulnerable to attacks.

    The threats can emerge in the form of viruses and malware, originating from the internet or even your email and web browsing.

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  • Innovative IT Services Brisbane

    12th December, 2016 | by admin
    Cloud Storage

    At AUS-IT we are at the forefront of developments within the IT industry, and we’re not just talking about new technology or faster services.

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  • How to Switch Your Company to the Cloud

    30th November, 2016 | by admin

    In the past decade, the Cloud has emerged as a leading technological development, but many businesses are still hesitant to make the switch.

    Whether it is concerns about the cost or confusion of how the migration works, we understand the process can seem overwhelming.

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  • The Importance of Data Backup

    13th October, 2016 | by admin

    Despite our colleagues and bosses consistently drumming into us that we need to backup our data, few take it seriously.

    Firstly, backing up all our files seems like an enormous task and something for a day less busy.

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  • Improve Business Productivity by Upgrading Phone Technology

    23rd August, 2016 | by admin
    ip telephony productivity

    In today’s digital age, businesses are consistently seeking ways to be more productive.

    Whether it’s moving operations to the Cloud or greater internet connectivity, we’re constantly on the search that will help us do things faster and better.

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  • Remote Staffing Solutions

    9th August, 2016 | by admin
    work collaboratively IT solutions - AUS IT

    It’s no secret the workforce and how people are work is rapidly changing.

    Whether its employees seeking more flexible working hours or hiring interstate or internationally, our working environments are more dynamic than ever.

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  • Guide to Understanding the Cloud

    5th July, 2016 | by admin
    The Cloud - Managed IT Service - AUS IT

    It’s happened to the best of us. You’ve spent hours, days or even weeks, working on an important project, when all of a sudden your computer system suddenly shuts down, and you lose EVERYTHING.

    Despite obsessively saving your document to your hard drive, the whole system has failed and now it’s gone without a trace. Luckily, something called The Cloud was created to avoid this exact situation.

    Here are five facts about understanding the Cloud for the ultimate IT amateur.

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  • Protect Your Business Against Cyber Attacks

    8th June, 2016 | by admin

    The Internet is a growing marketplace and while that’s great for your business, it’s also great for cyber-criminals who have more potential marks. No matter the size of your business or the sector you operate in, protecting your business from malicious cyber-attacks is – don’t be lulled into believing you’re not worth a hacker’s time because those companies are their bread and butter.

     This blog will help you understand the threats business owners face and how proper security can mitigate the risk of cyber-attack.

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  • Why Your Business Needs Managed IT Services

    19th May, 2016 | by admin
    managed IT service - The Cloud - AUS IT

    These days, Australian businesses rely heavily on information technology for their daily operations—it’s integrated into almost every facet of the business, and it’s virtually impossible to function without it.

    But most business owners know very little about the systems that are the very backbone of their business—and even less about what to do when something goes wrong. That’s why it’s so important to invest in reliable IT services.

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  • Importance of Data Backup

    28th April, 2016 | by admin
    protect business data and back up files - AUS IT Support

    If you’re like most other people these days, your computers and servers are one of your most important tools, and you rely on them in a myriad ways just to maintain your normal daily operations.

    But if you’re depending on them to keep your business or personal information safe, it’s probably worth much more to you than that: and if the thought of doing without the data stored on your devices is horrifying, it’s essential that you begin putting good IT support and disaster recovery plans in place.

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