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Improve Business Productivity by Upgrading Phone Technology

23rd August, 2016 | by admin
ip telephony productivity

In today’s digital age, businesses are consistently seeking ways to be more productive.

Whether it’s moving operations to the Cloud or greater internet connectivity, we’re constantly on the search that will help us do things faster and better.

Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of overlooking the simplest things – and in this case, it’s the telephone.

Yes, the humble telephone is still as relevant as it’s always been, but what few know is that it can be integral to increasing connectivity and productivity.

‘How?’ may be your first response but all the answers lie in upgrading your traditional telephone to something called IP telephony.

What exactly is IP telephony?

ip telephonyIf you’re not in the industry, IP telephony probably just sounds like IT jargon for you.

As explained by Techopedia, Internet Protocol Telephony (IP Telephony) is an upgrade from the typical analogue phone lines. Either through an IP-based network or Internet, IP telephony replaces the circuit-switched networks and provides you with a myriad of technological developments.

The IP telephony systems that we offer don’t use the internet, which is designed to ensure quality in your product. Our data centres have a direct connection to the carriers, so calls don’t have to go via the internet, rather through a private IP path.

How do our systems work?

As we explained, our first point of difference is that our systems aren’t internet operated from a quality point of view.

We have two voice solutions, one based on the Asterisk platform that we have extensively developed for our clients.

There is also the Microsoft Skype for Business platform that can integrate into your IT systems, with the additional capabilities of video calling, instant messaging, and Outlook integration.

We are based on an open architecture program, which means that we can plug right into your existing Ethernet network – so no need for any drastic changes. If someone needs to move to a different office, you don’t have to re-program their extension.

What are the benefits of IP Telephony?

how do ip telephony worksWe could just tell you that critical to upgrading your business productivity is also upgrading your phone systems.

But, we want to prove it to you.

The first obvious benefit is the massive savings it can make to your business, after the original expenditure. IP Telephony removes all traditional fixed line charges (IDSN, PSTN etc.), and these are the charges that make up a significant amount of any phone bill. In addition, you also receive fixed call costs, regardless of the call duration (only calls to mobiles are charged by the minute). Whether you’re calling a client or another office, the costs can be dramatically reduced for your business.

The little-known advantage of an IP telephony system is the ability to integrate a whole range of services into one platform, and from a number of locations.

With one of our services, just some of the standard characteristics include:

  • Having virtual receptionists if you don’t have the time to grab the phone
  • Sending your voicemails to you as e-mails
  • Customisable on hold messages or music: maybe you don’t want your clients stuck with the same, miserable hold music
  • Interoffice calling: whether your offices are interstate or international, you can easily call another office for a significantly lower cost
  • Web interface
  • Call routing: based on pre-determined factors, you can identify different callers on their priority. So, for some important contacts, who you want to answer regardless of where you are or time of day, you can have their call forwarded to your mobile, home, or office. On the other hand, it allows you to focus on your other priorities or take a break by sending some calls to voicemail and then emailed to you.

All of these features working together ultimately allow you to become a more productive employee. If you’re working on an intense project, phone calls can be diverted (but without being rude to the client), and if you need to urgently answer a phone call, you can be sure it won’t be missed.

If you were having hassles with talking to offices interstate or overseas, they are also removed and promote a greater connectivity.

What type of businesses use IP Telephony?

types of business uses ip telephonyWe have worked with a diversity of industries from call centres to hotels, multi-site offices and small business.

Some examples of where our systems have advanced businesses outside the traditional telephone, include:

  • Hotel guests being able to call room service with just one touch
  • Clients being able to raise and lower boom gates speak to delivery drivers or incoming clients
  • Medical centre installing an emergency panic button

At AUS-IT we believe that technology is the gateway to a more productive business, but we can’t neglect our traditional services, such as the telephone.

Get in touch with us today to talk with our IP Telephony experts or for information on our IT services.



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