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Innovative IT Services Brisbane

12th December, 2016 | by admin
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At AUS-IT we are at the forefront of developments within the IT industry, and we’re not just talking about new technology or faster services.

Unlike some others in the field, we have built from day one of our operation a culture dedicated to serving our clients. Our relationships with them are sculpted around trust, availability, and taking the initiative to go above and beyond their expectations.

For that reasons, AUS-IT has adopted managed services in performing our duties for our customers.

You may be wondering: what’s the big deal about managed services?

Good question.

Essentially, managed services mean that we focus on systems availability and performance, moving away from a time-based billing model. In the long-term, it guarantees a predictable IT expenditure and service within your business model. We encourage face-to-face interaction with clients, rather than spending time on the phone or email as our main form of communication, and regular onsite maintenance as a proactive service.

That’s a short spiel of the benefits of managed IT services, and why we are different to others in the industry, however, there’s a lot more for us to tell.

So, if you’re still not convinced of the benefits here is a detailed explanation of the various benefits that come with this model.

Managed IT Service

Stability in billing.

Often when people employ external IT services, they are absorbed by a world of haphazard billing with changing costs.

For managed IT services, we adopt a single fixed price invoice for your IT support. This means within your own business; you can budget for this regular cost, rather than being surprised with unforeseen expenditure.


Preventing the big IT meltdowns.

IT Support BrisbaneIn return for the stabilised billing, we provide regular IT maintenance that prevents those complete IT systems breakdown, which haunts our worst nightmares.

The systems are proactively managed so you can know six months in advance if equipment on your network is ageing and will need to be replaced soon.

Rather than calling in IT support when all systems have gone down, and then paying by the hour for recovery, regular maintenance improves the overall productivity.

Many people sit back and say, ‘We have had no IT problems, so why have regular check-ups?’ Inherent in their question is the answer.

The reason why no or minimal IT issues are experienced is that proactive maintenance is taken.


Get back to what you’re the expert in.

One of the central benefits of outsourcing IT support within your organisation is that you can dedicate your time to what you do best.

Rather than spending time hiring and paying excessive IT staff members, or using your own time trying to fix complex IT problems, let us do the job for you.

We employ both experienced and exceptionally qualified experts in the field who are dedicated to effective and efficient problem-solving.

Whether it is a major issue or even the regular maintenance, by employing external specialists you can manage your transition to the cloud, technologies for people working from home, or backing-up your data.

You have limited time and resources to complete tasks, so removing the burden of IT from your shoulders can be easily achieved through a managed IT service.


Have one consistent point of contact.

When working with AUS-IT, a full helpdesk service is covered, and there is one number to call for all your technology service requirements.

The dedicated point of contact means we develop a comprehensive understanding of the needs and wants of your business. Once that is understood, tailored IT solutions can be provided, so we work more effectively and productively with your organisation.

If your organisation has some people working in a central office, then others from home, a few interstate and then a handful overseas, your dedicated account managed and dedicated engineer will strive to exact the precise requirements (and even more) from what you need.

Managed IT serviceIf, for all of these benefits, you have found yourself nodding and thinking this is exactly what you need, then having managed services is certainly an option you should discuss with us.

From regular maintenance and stability in your IT solutions to predictable billing, tailored solutions, greater productivity for your business, all of these contribute to a greater peace of mind for you.

Contact our team at AUS IT who are happy to chat with you about managed services as a solution for you, or your other IT needs.




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