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Why Your Business Needs Managed IT Services

19th May, 2016 | by admin
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These days, Australian businesses rely heavily on information technology for their daily operations—it’s integrated into almost every facet of the business, and it’s virtually impossible to function without it.

But most business owners know very little about the systems that are the very backbone of their business—and even less about what to do when something goes wrong. That’s why it’s so important to invest in reliable IT services.

Managed IT services can help just about every business owner, by supporting their operations with the best technology, and removing the stress of dealing with a field that requires deep specialist knowledge.

Good IT support service providers also know how to get the best use and value from the available technology, bringing The Cloud and other innovations into the hands of business owners to open doors of possibility for functionality and development.


Keeping up with technology

If you’re running a business, you obviously know what you’re doing. Maybe you’re even one of the best in your field. But if you’re not an IT professional, it’s unlikely that you’ll know how to harness the power that our rapidly evolving technology offers, or that you’ll have the time or inclination to monitor and upgrade your services when it’s time.


Managed IT service providers have a finger on the pulse of the industry. Because it’s their job to know everything about the latest technological innovations, and because their competitive edge depends on consistently developing their skills, these professionals can deliver the newest and best information services to all their clients as it comes to hand.

What’s even better is that they do it for you, so you don’t need to be proficient in IT or spend the time learning new skills to run your business.


Manage your costs

Managed IT services aim to cultivate long-term relationships with their clients. It’s better for them, and you, if they have a deep understanding of your business’s needs and operations so they can formulate and deliver the best IT solutions for it.

It’s cheaper to work this way than starting from scratch every time there’s an issue or an overhaul is due, and the cost of investing in technology is spread across multiple clients who benefit from it in different ways.

Long-term partnerships are financially beneficial for both parties: the managed IT service has a consistent income, and you’re not paying enormous one-off fees for professionals to work blind to solve your IT crises—or to take a crash course in your services and functions to determine what you need.

That means they don’t have to offer a time-based billing model, and they can reduce your IT service expenditure with predictable and affordable fee schedules.


Reduce your risks

Your business probably generates an enormous amount of data, and it’s likely to be information that you can’t do without. You’ll also be generating sensitive and confidential data that would be harmful in the wrong hands.

If you’re not backing up your systems and data regularly and remotely, you’ll always be at risk of annihilation if your business suffers a system failure or disaster.

Managed IT services reduce your risks of loss by backing up your data offsite, where it’s removed from your workplace and safe from whatever strikes your business.

They also assume a lot of the risk of breaches of your security, because they’ve got sophisticated barriers in place to prevent hackers getting in and information leaking out—and simply because it’s part of the service they offer.


Consistent high-quality service

Managed IT service providers have an entire team of engineers to look after their clients, which allows them to offer a level of professional skill that you wouldn’t have access to if you hired a single entity or did it yourself.


While they do a lot of the legwork offsite, managed IT services also offer a comprehensive suite of support that includes onsite maintenance and interaction with end users: they deal with faults, changes and upgrades, installations, monitoring and alerting, and user support, which is delivered seamlessly as part of a complete service to your business.

Because AusIT is focused on long-term partnerships, we can develop a broad understanding of your individual needs as we work together, and deliver fully customised and proactive solutions that provide support for your whole business.

Contact us anytime to find out more about how we can help you move your business towards better performance and a bright financial future with our tailored, high-quality managed IT services.


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