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The cloud has the potential to transform everything in business. It can empower organisations to become more adaptive, agile and competitive. We’ll help you understand your options with the Cloud

Want to Partner with Real People – Know your Provider

Going to the Cloud doesn’t need to be a faceless experience. We can give you all the cost efficiencies, all the functionality, all the scalability, all the payment options of the Cloud with a dedicated account manager and a dedicated engineer

Choosing the right solution

Private Clouds –
as a Service

Hybrid Cloud Integrate existing infrastructure with the Cloud
Office 365 – Cloud based productivity service hosted by Microsoft
BackUp and Disaster Recovery – Protect Your Data

Private Cloud – Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Your Own Private Cloud

AUS IT is unique in that we not only deliver Cloud solutions, we also deliver the connectivity and engineering services to connect you to the cloud and migrate your systems to the cloud. You shouldn’t have to deal with the overhead of managing complex projects with multiple suppliers, contact AUS IT to find out how easy we make our cloud services

IaaS delivers businesses all the benefits of the cloud whilst retaining total control of the applications, data and operating systems running on an enterprise grade IT platform. It can empower organisation to become more adaptive, agile and competitive.

IaaS replaces the physical hardware onsite with a consumption based monthly cost for your IT platforms, housed on highly available, scalable, enterprise grade platforms hosted in data centres. IaaS is an elastic, flexible platform, if you need new servers they can be commissioned in real time. If you need more performance, processors, memory or storage they can be commissioned quickly and easily with no upfront investment or supply chain delays. Need a test platform for a few weeks?

IaaS delivers all this on a consumption basis, buying hardware requires the business to invest in scalable platforms where the peak load must be accounted for at the time of purchase, don’t pay for you what don’t need until you need it.

Benefits and Features:

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid environments are the norm, it is rare that a business finds itself in the position of being able to transition its entire IT workload onto cloud platforms. Fortunately, it’s not an all or nothing decision.

There is a strong case for transitioning some workloads to cloud platforms, e-mail being an obvious solution that has been delivered on cloud platforms for many years. There are inevitably some systems that cannot be migrated either for economic or performance reasons. Some software vendors require new licences to be purchased to host in the cloud, some legacy systems simply do not run optimally in virtual environments.

We have no agenda, no vested interested in any particular vendor or solution. Contact us for an independent assessment of what’s right for your business, be that cloud, on premise or a hybrid solution. We are experts in this field, we look at what’s right for your business and what’s right for your budget before we recommend the right technology.


Data Centres were once the preserve of big business, no more! Data Centres offer more than physical security, they offer protection and connectivity. Hosting your systems in a data centre is a great risk mitigation strategy, you can relax in the knowledge that your systems are physically secure, secure from natural disaster and power outages and have access to high speed internet connectivity from multiple carriers.

We offer data centre solutions starting from a single rack unit from our three geographically diverse data centres, right through to fully hosted infrastructure on our platforms or yours. Call one of our team today to find out how data centre solutions can benefit your business.

Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud based productivity service hosted by Microsoft. It gives you anywhere access to the latest Office applications, email, calendar, and collaboration tools across all your devices.

AUS IT are a certified Microsoft partner and Office 365 Administrator, we can supply the licences, configure the products and migrate your existing solutions into Office 365.

Most of the desktop products offered by Microsoft are available in a bundled or individual offering on a monthly or annual subscription. Contact us and we’ll discuss your business requirements and recommend the right product or suite for your solution

What we’ll do for you:


AUS IT can provide a Private Network path to Office 365, just because it’s the Cloud doesn’t mean you have use the internet. A private path offer unlimited data exchange and optimal performance for Cloud services, get in touch with our team to find out how we make this possible.