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Importance of Data Backup

28th April, 2016 | by admin
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If you’re like most other people these days, your computers and servers are one of your most important tools, and you rely on them in a myriad ways just to maintain your normal daily operations.

But if you’re depending on them to keep your business or personal information safe, it’s probably worth much more to you than that: and if the thought of doing without the data stored on your devices is horrifying, it’s essential that you begin putting good IT support and disaster recovery plans in place.

While it’s not a huge undertaking to restore the function of your computers —including upgrading and reinstalling the operating systems and applications—it’s almost impossible in most cases to retrieve the data you’ve saved.

If you’re not completely certain that your computers have the right IT backups and business protection to safeguard you against any possible loss in the future, there’s some very good reasons to invest in it now.


Immunity against system failures

At any point in the life of your computer, your system can fail, and you can lose your data. You’re working files and stored information can be corrupted or destroyed by hardware problems that arise without warning and for any number of reasons.

Your computer might be old or malfunctioning, not tolerating the upgrade to a new operating system, or infected with malware or a virus that pushes its buttons from the inside.

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That’s why it’s so important to back up critical working files or personal data to an external storage device on a regular basis. But besides the fact that most people don’t remember, or simply don’t have the time to do it, external storage is limited by the same problems: it can malfunction, be corrupted, or be stolen or lost.

Offsite and cloud services are much better at shielding you and your business from system failures than any other backups. Not only is the data safe and easy to restore, it’s also updated regularly and automatically to ensure the most current version is saved.

Professional IT service providers can also help you formulate a fool-proof plan for recovering from a system failure if one does occur, so you’re always prepared no matter the circumstances.


Safeguarding against loss and theft

Unfortunately, thieves are always about. Computers (and your external hard drives) are always among the first things to go when your home or office is broken into, leaving your confidential personal and business information exposed and available for misuse.

But attackers don’t need to enter your premises to steal your valuables: they can crash your operating system remotely with malware, and retrieve what they want without coming anywhere near you.

Because it’s no longer feasible for any of us to stop using the internet, we’ve had to get smarter about managing web-based threats.

  • Viruses
  • malware
  • spyware
  • hacks

Can all be prevented with the right barriers, but it’s always best to trust a reputable IT consultancy to develop the right security for your systems.

Skilled IT professionals can secure, monitor and control access at all the gateways of your network, internet, WiFi, email and devices, and deliver a unified threat management solution to protect you from all kinds of attack.

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 Protection in catastrophes

Unfortunately for Queenslanders, catastrophes are much more likely than we’d like them to be. Fire, flood and other disasters can strike at any time, and an external hard drive won’t be of much use to you if it’s located near your computer in a building that’s being destroyed.

In many disasters, Queensland businesses could continue to operate without a workspace or shop front—but in almost every case, the data that could enable business owners to get back to work immediately is located in their place of business, and dies along with it.

The best way to protect your sensitive and important personal and business information is by storing it offsite, where it can safely remain until you’re ready to start work again.

Cloud-based storage and protection systems aren’t dependent on your computer, and they don’t require you to perform manual updates like you’d have to with other system backups.

Because professional IT systems will back up your work as you’re changing it—and deliver perfect restoration of your data on demand—they can provide you and your business with a more reliable shield against unforeseen catastrophes and disasters than any of the less sophisticated consumer solutions available.

Cloud back up brisbane - AUS IT


Securing and defending your property

There are many cloud services available for offsite backups, data storage and system recovery—but they’re not all made equal. The most basic form of backup can store your applications and data onto a centrally hosted storage platform, and provide an important first element in safeguarding your information.

But a properly trained team of professionals makes all the difference—and could be the single most important factor in restoring your business functions if you’re affected by disaster.

Skilled IT service providers can automate your backups, as well as develop disaster recovery and restoration solutions that are tailored to suit the unique needs of your business, giving you the extra insurance and preventative strategies you need to protect your future operations.

Contact AUS IT anytime to find out more about how we can deliver better business protection and security without limiting your options.

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