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Protecting your internet against hacks should be your first priority this year.

24th January, 2017 | by admin
virtual private network - IT solutions brisbane

It is certainly not surprising to know the internet is the source of the most security threats. Even though it is one of the most common services individuals use every minute of the day, it is also where our data is most vulnerable to attacks.

The threats can emerge in the form of viruses and malware, originating from the internet or even your email and web browsing.

Despite our likelihood of experiencing a hacking, many people and businesses don’t implement basic security actions. In some cases, it can be thinking taking the preventative steps will be a complex task or just not taking the issue seriously.

One of the most important features we identify in protecting your internet is deploying a private network. Before you take our word for it, read up more on the ins and outs of a private network and how it can protect you and your business from cyber threats.

The lowdown: what is a Private Network?

A private network is built around its core; a data centre. The data centre is where the gateway security is implemented, or you can think of it like airport security.What is a VPN private network - AUS IT Services

At the centre, there is one point of entry where all traffic is evaluated and checked, just like your baggage would be before you get on a flight. Having that one point of entry for internet security immediately makes the entire network a more secure location.

The Private Network doesn’t operate in just one office but can connect a number of offices via private links. Ultimately, this results in no data ever travelling through the internet at any point. 

Are there any benefits of a single point of entry?

As explained above, having a Private Network guarantees a single point of entry meaning; security, monitoring and controlling.

The volume of traffic traversing the gateway is immediately reduced because it only inspects web browsing and email. As a result of the traffic decrease, a more thorough assessment of the traffic can be conducted to ensure greater security.

At the heart of the Private Network is having a single line of internet traffic, not multiple gateways to access. Moving through the line, one by one, comprehensive inspections can take place to guarantee your internet is a safer place.

Is security the only advantage?’

Security is the most lauded element to having a private network. Your risk of viruses or malware is not completely eliminated, but you certainly have the right infrastructure in place.private network security brisbane

What is often missed is the assurance your network will not suffer from technical issues due from external networks.

A private network is just that – private. Think of the motorway, four lanes of high-speed traffic in each direction, or it is until traffic hits a volume that grinds it to a halt, this is the Internet.

A private network gives you the entire motorway and you’ll be the only one using it! Performance and Security in the same solution.

What about Costs?

This may surprise some but a private network is usually no more expensive than a business grade internet service. AUS IT delivers private networks from our three data centres, not only connecting you and your offices to each other but also to a data centre and the Internet.

This means we can utilise the most cost effective connectivity solution to each of your offices – Fibre, Ethernet, Copper, Wireless, DSL, NBN etc can all be delivered from different carriers and delivered as a single private network.

The million dollar riskVPN benefits IT services Brisbane

Identified earlier, many people hear about cyber security attacks but don’t think it will happen to them. Like many other facets of life, we don’t think we’ll be the ones with a health scare or the one whose house will be damaged by summer storms.

In the most unfortunate cases, we can be just that one. While the chance of use becoming that “one” is low, when it does happen, it comes with a huge price tag.

In 2016, The Ponemon Institute researched the overall cost when a company does have a data breach. They found that it would, on average, cost a business $2.64 million, including help desks costs, legal expenditure, and rebuilding their reputation.

In 46 per cent of the cases, it was a criminal attack where 27 per cent came from employees or contractors.

What’s important to note is phenomenal associated costs of the breach when it does occur.

The bottom line is: it’s not worth the risk.

At AUS-IT we provide comprehensive services to ensure you are protected against the worst the internet has to offer. You can begin by deploying a private network in our capable hands.

Get in touch with us today to find out more!


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