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Remote Staffing Solutions

9th August, 2016 | by admin
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It’s no secret the workforce and how people are work is rapidly changing.

Whether its employees seeking more flexible working hours or hiring interstate or internationally, our working environments are more dynamic than ever.

Statistics from the Global Workplace Analytics shows that approximately 50% of the US workforce has worked, at least, partially remotely. This number is likely to increase dramatically with 80 to 90% of that same workforce saying they would like to work remotely if they could. As the data reveals, individuals are attempting to find the balance between working at home and the office.

With these changes not only likely to occur, but already having their impact, it is critical businesses move with these trends. They must equip themselves with excellent mobility strategies, integrated into their IT systems, to facilitate remote work.

What’s important to remember about mobility strategies, it’s more than just “being on the road”. It’s about using technologies, systems and data that can be used on computers, smartphones and tablets. It’s about ensuring the systems are all secure, and the information is available when the employee needs it.

Having people work remotely requires comprehensive IT systems and there are usually two main solutions: 1) collaborative, and 2) traditional.

Collaborative solutions

working from home solutions
Collaborative solutions allow you to not only connect with people inside your business but also your customers and business partners. You can share your workspace, data and documents – and it’s an incredibly effective method to undertake.

One of the pillars of these collaborative techniques is using Unified Communications platforms.

What, you say? Something about Unified Communications (UC)?

UC simply enables people (both inside and outside the business) to connect with one another, right from instant messaging to voice and video.

Through using AUS IT, our collaborative techniques also include:

  • Providing security to the systems you use
  • The sharing of documents and presentations in real time to various stakeholders
  • Native integration into your Microsoft environment
  • Person to Person or Boardroom to Boardroom Video Conferencing across all operating systems and devices

That may just sound like a whole lot of IT jargon, but it’s intended to provide extensive gateways so that people can access your systems – wherever they are.

Traditional solutions

As we wrote earlier, there are two ways of going about working remotely, and the second option is traditional solutions.

top10_working_remotely_FEATUREDNow, don’t be put off by the word traditional!

We have plenty of people ask us firstly what the difference between collaborative and traditional methods are, and secondly if they’re behind the times by using traditional.

The truth is, the two approaches work more effectively depending on the type of business. Based on the size of your company, how people are working, and the services required, a more traditional approach may better fit you.

Encompassed in traditional solutions are:

  • Ability to work from anywhere, on any device
  • Use of Remote Desktop or Citrix solutions
  • Centralise and protect your data (protection – that’s a big deal!)
  • Simplify your IT management

If you’re wondering what Citrix is, it is a company that provides a number of products from the secure delivery of Windows applications to file sync and sharing and enterprise mobility management.

Perhaps, that still sounds confusing to you, but you needn’t worry because AUS IT can cover that for you.

Why not just do it yourself?

remote working solutionsYou may be asking yourself: I could do all of this by myself.

And, that’s true.

There are independent, external programs than can set up basic services for your company if you have plans on working remotely. Apart from the inconvenience and time spent on attempting to navigate the systems, they are generally quite generic and impersonal.

By using AUS IT, we can provide you with mobile systems to interact and customise the systems for your business.

We identify what is best for you and develop the system that best reflects that. Additionally, we take a very holistic approach to the whole solution by thinking about the type of communication used, where your systems are going to be sitting so your team can be connected to them.

As the working world is revolutionised, it is integral to your business to innovate and provide solutions so that employees, customers, and business partners can work remotely.

It will pay off.

If you have more questions about working remotely and mobility strategies, then please get in touch with AUS IT today. Alternatively, if you have any other related questions then don’t be afraid to give us a call!


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