• Australian University of Sport

    Work Remotely – IT Systems & Solutions Brisbane - AUS IT

    Australian University Sport have engaged AUS IT for in excess of 12 years to our manage our IT systems.  We are a diverse organisation with staff and offices based all over Australia.  AUS IT has worked closely with us to ensure our IT systems operate in a manner that creates efficiencies with our organisation.  As a not for profit company they are aware of the tight financial constraints that we operate under.

  • Brent Seeney, INEX

    AUS IT has provided timely and comprehensive support in all aspects of infrastructure and IT service and have enabled us to concentrate on our core business functions knowing that the reliability and support are always present.

  • Strav Basic, Optus

    We have been very satisfied throughout these projects with AUS IT’s service delivery and planning and have had our expectations met or exceeded. AUS IT have provided field and in house engineering services as requested and have worked seamlessly with Optus internal IT support teams to achieve these goals.

  • Ralda Ruberry, Footprints

    We love seeing the same engineer arrive onsite when needed and they have a great help desk team. All in all I would highly recommend their IT services.

  • Property Solutions Group

    AUS IT are very efficient and reliable and we have found them to be the best IT company that we have ever used. We would totally recommend AUS IT to anyone.

  • Jason Hansen, Woodhouse Timber

    Managed IT Services Brisbane - AUS IT

    I cannot speak highly enough of the level of service offered by their support team and the subsequent care taken to explain system issues with clarity and purpose.