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Internet Connectivity

Not all Internet connections are made equal and we understand they are an essential requirement for businesses. AUS IT is an independent multi-carrier ISP providing a wide variety of access technologies to deliver tailored solutions for internet connectivity.

Communicate in the most efficient way

We offer managed connectivity options nationwide with access to all the major telecommunication providers. This means that we can source the best solutions available and integrate them into your business.


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Our services are monitored 24/7, we measure the quality of all our links in real time. Packet loss or jitter indicate a fault, so we don’t simply rely on the on/off support model most telco’s deliver. Our customers are businesses and rightfully they should expect a higher level of service from their ISP for something that is an essential service; it’s mission critical, the internet is tied to how all businesses function.

Private Networks

Private Networks are secure, dedicated data connections between your sites and offices which enable access to centralised business systems without using the internet. Traffic over the internet cannot be governed, speed and performance are affected by factors you are unable to influence. A Private Network ensures you are in control, you will have all the bandwidth you are paying for, available all of the time. Our design allows for a single point of entry for internet traffic which delivers a single point of security for your entire network. Private Networks can be delivered on any access technology from ADSL to Fibre Optic, NBN or wireless.



The access technology a multi-carrier vendor like AUS IT provides, means the most cost effective and high speed services can be deployed at different locations, you don’t have to be tied to a single vendor’s solutions. A wireless service at one office can be integrated with copper services at other locations for example, all achieved securely and affordably.

What can I do with a Private Network?

At the core of a Private Network is a data centre, so by default you will have access to services hosted in a data centre. Offsite backups, Disaster Recovery, IP Telephony, and hosted infrastructure services are now possible with the total security and optimal performance that come with a Private Network.

A common misconception around Private Networks is that they must cost more than using standard Internet connections, this isn’t the case. If you have standalone internet connections then you are paying for connections at each site, you also need a firewall and a data package at each site, and after all this your offices must still use the internet to communicate with each other. A Private Network delivers unlimited data and a single path to the internet, so now you can pool your internet data for the whole business and only require a single firewall. It easier to manage, offers better security, performance and speed all for a comparable cost.

Private Network and the Cloud

Moving any business service to the Cloud means your reliance on your Internet connection takes on a new level of significance. You will be moving more data over the connection and the connection itself is now your point of failure, if the connection is not available then your services are not available.

A Private Network connects you to the Internet from a single, central gateway. This gateway is in a data centre, so this delivers a huge economy of scale as its much larger and faster than businesses can deploy in the their offices. Offices are connected on a private path to this gateway which means they can use the full bandwidth of their connections to use Cloud services.

AUS IT can provide you with a Private connection to Office 365.
Ask us how?

Voice Solutions

In today’s digital age there is one technology that is still as relevant today as it’s always been, the humble telephone. The choice of voice solutions and the feature sets they come with can be confusing, and the traditional proprietary solutions are often frozen in time, they work with a defined feature set and if you ever need more there is often a substantial cost to activate a new feature. Our solution gives you the flexibility to grow and expand your phone’s capability without these costs or limitations.

If you want to reduce your call costs, your fixed line line charges or expand your phone system’s capabilities, you should talk to one of our IP telephony experts.

One of the key features of our IP telephony solution is that it doesn’t use the internet, our data centres are directly connected to the carriers so calls do not traverse the internet, it is a private IP path so call quality is assured. Some of the other standard features of our IP phone system include:

We provide the IP phone solution with no software fees and deliver a scalable, feature rich telephony platform. It can be deployed in your offices or hosted on our data centre platforms. It’s based on an open architecture platform, which means it will plug right into your existing ethernet network. Open architecture also means it can interface into almost any other technology, to illustrate the point here are some of the ways our customers are using the phone system outside of traditional telephony:

You can also use our platform with the traditional phone network, there are options to integrate ISDN or PSTN services into the solution. You can choose to use your phone system the way you want, giving you total control.