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Security for devices and data needs the right strategy. Technologies that protect the network whilst allowing your team the freedom they need to perform their role. Whilst the threat of viruses and malware is well known, vigilance and common sense are often the key to a good security solution.

We offer tailored solutions that protect your network, your internet gateway, your WiFi, your e-mail, and your devices – it’s not just about firewalls, it’s about unified threat management. Call our friendly team to find out more.

Protect Your Data – BackUp and Disaster Recovery

One of the most cost effective of the cloud services is an offsite backup. Being able to restore your systems and data in the event of a disaster is a requirement of every business. In its simplest form you can backup your applications and data onto data centre hosted storage platforms, we automate this process for you and verify the integrity of the backup daily. This delivers the first, and vital step, to protecting your business.

This strategy works well for the true disaster: fire, flood, theft, after all in the real world you have more immediate problems if the building is on fire! It’s far more likely however that a server failure, power outage, virus or database corruption result in IT downtime. Cloud based Disaster Recovery provides access to a ready-to-run virtual environment that you can call upon to run the production systems.

How we design the right solution:

Control your content without limiting your options

Secure your Internet

It’s no secret that the internet is the source of most security threats: viruses, malware, and hacks all originate from the internet, email or web browsing. Deploying a Private Network ensures that your offices are connected with private links, no data traverses the internet at any point, aside from the many other benefits a Private Network delivers, it is the most effective way to ensure the security of your systems.

At the core of the private network, in a data centre, is where gateway security is implemented. Having a single point of entry for internet traffic makes the whole network more secure.

A single point of entry can be secured, monitored and controlled. Web browsing and email are the only traffic traversing the gateway, cutting down on the volume of traffic through the gateway facilitates more comprehensive inspection, which results in more security. Security can be simple, but only by design, call us to find out more.