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We invest in our team

AUS IT’s commitment to staff is the cornerstone of the business and essential to the future prosperity and success of the company. We invest in our team, through peer mentoring within the organisation as well as formal professional development because we recognise that improving knowledge in one staff member improves the collective knowledge of the business.

We encourage innovation, initiative and ingenuity. Ideas are listened to and people are given enough discretion to improve business processes themselves—“that’s just the way it is” is never an acceptable response.

Allowing staff to innovate, whilst treating them with respect, promotes a culture of diligence, personal responsibility and ownership throughout the organisation, maximising the level of service provided to our customers.

At AUS IT, we recognise this fact, building tailored IT solutions that suit the customers exacting requirements; building from common infrastructure and design approaches where appropriate, without constraining the outcome for the customer.

We recognise that an IT solution extends beyond the technical components within it and must be designed from a business outcome perspective. By striving to gain a thorough understanding of the customer’s business, their objectives and the constraints, AUS IT can design the most appropriate IT solution.

The Team at AUS IT seek to form a genuine partnership with our customers, providing quality consultancy, account management and engineering services, to become an extension of the customer’s IT team.

We understand that to form a long-term relationship, one must provide accurate, honest advice and deliver solutions as proposed on time and on budget. The whole team at AUS IT take pride in delivering excellence in project execution and impeccable business ethics, we always seek to do right by the customer irrespective of the circumstances. We believe that sustainability and growth in business is founded on long-term client engagements and high staff retention.