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Influenced by technical innovation

At AUS IT we believe business sustainability is synonymous with having a good management team that supports a business model which caters to growth whilst maintaining its strong financial position. Our own business model is strongly influenced by technical innovation which has significantly contributed to the development of the business from systems integration to an end-to-end technology services provider over the last decade.

We foresaw the beginnings of the movement towards external IT service delivery, positioning the business to grow into this market as demand increased. This approach has generated steadily increasing recurring revenue from contracted services, and diversified income sources, which have provided the business with a solid foundation in the emerging hosted IT services market. As a result of achieving consistently strong growth, and actively managing cashflow, AUS IT has always operated without the requirement for debt financing which places the business in an excellent position to capitalise from the market disruption ‘The cloud’ is creating within the IT industry.

Over the coming years, we will be increasing our focus on the development and delivery of converged technology solutions, collaboration platforms and the expansion of hosted service offerings. We predict customers will increasingly shift towards off premises IT service delivery, especially as broadband speeds increase and costs fall. Those that remain on premises will expect far more than the simple “file, print and email” services provided in the past.

AUS IT already possesses both infrastructure and expertise to support these endeavours but remains malleable and ready to meet client needs during this period of change within the industry.